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bunyan-fork is a lightweight bunyan stream to log propagate logs from a forked child process to a logger in its spawning process



npm i -S bunyan-fork

How to use


import { createLogger } from 'bunyan'
import { BunyanFork } from 'bunyan-fork'

const name = 'fork-logger'
const level = 'info'
const stream = new BunyanFork()
const log = createLogger({ name, streams: [{ level, stream }] })

log.info('woohoo, this is getting transmitted as a log to a logger in the parent process!')


import { fork } from 'child_process'
import { createLogger } from 'bunyan'
import { subscribeFork } from 'bunyan-fork'

const name = 'parent-logger'
const level = 'info'
const log = createLogger({ name, level })

subscribeFork(fork('./child.js'), log)

log.info('woohoo, this log will intercept logging from the forked logger as child logs!')


The BunyanFork class constructor takes a single options argument with the following properties:

Name Type Description
transformer function (optional) A custom transformer that formats the object to get sent over the IPC communication stream. (Very uncommon to specify this).